EP 36: What on earth are the Tories going to do to us

This week we are joined by Vic Parsons (PinkNews.co.uk gender & identity reporter) to commiserate over more Tory rule. We talk:

How do we report on this?

Why is everyone in the media lying about trans issues?

Can there be too much cheese?

Also we talk JK Rowling’s heel turn against the trans community, more equality act attacks and Scotland having ANOTHER GRA reform consultation

EP 35: The Tories won – Here is an hour of hope

This week

To cushion the blow of the worst goddam election result, we put together an hour of tales about trans heroes and how you can keep it together for the fights to come!


Graham Linehan could win “d**k of the year”!

Big dictionary names “They” as their word of the year!

Marvel comics FINALLY gets a trans superhero (sort of).

EP 34: Helen Belcher could be the first openly trans MP

This week (and every week till someone stops us):

India has a bad trans bill!

Christie Elan-Cane could get us X gender markers in passports!

We chat with Helen Belcher, Liberal Democrat candidate for Chippenham and maybe the UK’s first trans MP!

And can pigeons be friends?

EP 33: Manifesto Mayhem! (Don’t vote tory, seriously)

This…week (we are weekly now!)

The manifestos are out! Which parties suck the least?

Michelle grills LGBT Labour, Lib Dem Jasmine Josephine and trans campaigner/author/legend Christine Burns for their take on this general election nonsense.

And Ashleigh really, really, REALLY needs you not to vote tory.