Ep 16: You should podcast! Here is how! (Live from Manchester)

This bi-week’s transgender content comes live from the LGBT Foundation in Manchester where Ash and Meesh will teach you how to start your very own podcast!

Also this bi-week:

Terfs go on tour!

Janelle Monae is incredible!

Ian Huntley ISN’T trans!

and Scotland can’t agree on how to count trans people.

Ep 15: There is a fascist running Brazil right now

This bi-week:

– Ashleigh returns to the podcasting fold!

– Meesh and Ash talk to Alis, a non-binary trans girl from Brazil who talks about life under fascist jair bolsonaro

– Terfs go on tour with the far right!

– Hbomberguy bashes Graham Linehan with DONKEY KONG

Ep 13: We need to talk about Graham Linehan

Michelle finds herself alone on the pod as Ashleigh takes a well deserved break. Does Michelle have some kind of breakdown? Is she able to handle the pressure? Well…listen to the show and find out…(spoilers – Michelle nailed it).

This bi-week:

We got our first professional boxer!
Lesbians unite to show the trans community their love!
Michelle spends a lot of time talking about less conventional orgasms! (Hi Michelle’s mum!)
and the main story: Graham Linehan is a danger to the trans community and must be stopped!
Here is the link Michelle mentioned in the episode (CONTENT WARNING, CONTAINS TRANSPHOBIA AND IDIOTS):