EP4: (Not really) Live from Trans Pride Brighton!

This bi-week, Ash and Michelle go to the seaside to eat ice cream, shout at cis people and fly flags for trans pride Brighton! Inside this content module we discuss:

ScarJo finally doing the righ thing.

Schools finally saying it is OK to be LGBT!

Why Supergirl is fantastic

Why Trans pride is amazing.

We are also joined by Trans Pride Brighton founders Sarah Savage and Sabah Choudrey who give us the inside scoop on what it is like to be incredible and the reality of gifting the community with our own pride!

Ep 3: Ash goes to Downing Street (Pride Month Special!)

Pride month is happening and so are we. This biweek we have a special, bumper, extended episode that contains tales of queer from all across the British land mass, including:
Ashleigh getting called to Downing Street
Michelle getting Pokémon mansplained to her in a dark room
That time when a bunch of nitwits let a hate group lead pride

Ep1: Supergirl punches Section 28!

A new podcast approaches… Being trans is amazing, but every now and then we as a group face challenges that most will never have to think about. But fear not! Michelle and Ashleigh are here to dissect the latest trans news with knives, hammers and wits. This week, how Section 28 sucked, why England should be boycotting the World Cup and why Squarespace will never, ever sponsor us.