EP6: Trans TERFs are doin it to themseeeelves!

This bi-week:

Transphobes ruin stickers

Michelle says a bunch of things that will be edited out of context

Ashleigh sings a bit

America has a transgender major political candidate!

How in the holy hell are there transgender transphobes and WHY THE WHAT?

And who should be allowed to have sex with Alex Jones (spoiler…nobody….for their own safety)

Ep 5: Trans History with Morgan M Page!

This bi-week, Morgan M Page (writer, artist and created of the Out From the Vaults podcast) gives me us a lesson on the almost forgotten history of trans people.


The TERFs have spoiled witchcraft AND stickers!

The medical establishment announces something incredibly obvious!

And Kate Bornstein is fantastic!

EP4: (Not really) Live from Trans Pride Brighton!

This bi-week, Ash and Michelle go to the seaside to eat ice cream, shout at cis people and fly flags for trans pride Brighton! Inside this content module we discuss:

ScarJo finally doing the righ thing.

Schools finally saying it is OK to be LGBT!

Why Supergirl is fantastic

Why Trans pride is amazing.

We are also joined by Trans Pride Brighton founders Sarah Savage and Sabah Choudrey who give us the inside scoop on what it is like to be incredible and the reality of gifting the community with our own pride!